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One morning this week on my way to work, I found myself completely caught up onalisonfisher-768x512 my podcast backlog so I simply let my mind wander. For some reason I started reflecting on an older Gemba Academy podcast about the Lean Government movement going on in my neighboring state of Connecticut. See: Gemba Academy Podcast #104 for the episode.

This silent reflection turned sort of silly as I started thinking about what a 3rd Party Candidate running under the “Lean Party” would stand for. What is their platform? What would that look like? Paul Akers, 2 Second Lean zealot extraordinaire, actually ran for Senate but under the Republican Party, but I digress.

Here were my initial thougLean for Presidentht on how I envision the Lean Party Platform:

  • First off the platform would be fiscally conservative. Prior to expanding, automating or spending on any program, the party would first look for opportunities to improve the service by reducing wasteful practices in the process.
  • Next officials would be focused on solving problems, not selling their agendas. “Bipartisan Brainstorming Sessions” and 5-Why root cause analysis (Hey – This is my fantasy world).
  • Committees would become Rapid Improvement Teams to identify and quickly put countermeasures to whatever problems. Arguments would be constructive and would lead to productive work not filibustering.
  • The party would work toward a balanced budget and would grow our national cash reserves. Having strong cash reserves is one of the reasons lean companies are able to weather tough storms.
  • Kanbans would move legislation from Senate -> Congress -> President in hours vs. months & improvements in flow would allow for taxes to be completed and refunds to be done and collected in minutes.

So far my thoughts have painted a fairly conservative picture of the “Lean Party”. I do; however, feel that the Lean Party and its commitment to value would have a flip side to that conservative coin.

  • The Lean Party would want to maximize the value to the customer. In government that value comes in the form of various services so cutting services, in most cases, is not an option. Removing the waste around the process is.
  • The Lean Party would cut taxes, but not at the expense of effecting the value of the services to its customers

One final parting thought, the Lean Party would have a value at it’s core something that seems to elude so many in candidates in any political arena, no matter the party and no matter the position, that one core value – Respect for Humanity.

So, welcome my Lean Party Candidate.

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