T.L.S. Helpful Links


These are SOME of the best resources I have used over the years.

BMGI Training – I haven’t been on much in the last couple years so I am not sure how up to date they are, but BMGI had a ton of free training that could be conducted right on-line. Was very instrumental in helping my early development. Good starting point for people on a budget.

Deming Institute – The Deming Institute’s websiteAi??dedicated to the legacy of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and his teachings in business, government and education. Website offers an outstanding blog and podcast.

GBMP – The Shingo Prize organization in the northeast. This is the TOAST KAIZEN group. They do offer occasional webinars but the real value is in the training and annual seminar they host. These guys aren’t the cheapest but you get what you pay for.

Gemba Academy – Ron and the crew offer paid video training in lean and six sigma. GA also offers an excellent podcast focused on lean, 6 sigma and leadership topics.

iSix Sigma – This website offers a lot of advice specifically geared to DMAIC Improvement principle. They offer some forms and have a forum that you can subscribe to.

Karen Martin Group – Karen Martin is an academic and a practitionerAi??who has written/co-written some of the best books on the market for Lean leaders and practitioners. Karen offers a ton of recorded webinars available. She regularly offers free webinars that bring immediate value.

Lean Blog – Mark Graban’s excellent website with a strong emphasis on Lean Healthcare. Author has both a blog and podcast. While here checkout Katacast a joint venture between Mr. Graban and Mike Rother.

Lean Enterprise Institute – Started by Jim Womack “Lean Thinking” has a very active forum and many of the top names in Lean will blog here. Their store has the required reading books for any lean student.

Planet Lean – A relatively new web page offers the musings of some of today’s most influential minds in the world of Lean

Statsoft Textbook – My Master Black Belt shared this with me – everything you want to know about statistics. Very detailed not for the weak.

Toyota Kata– This is Mike Rother’s web page devoted to the developing sciences of the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata. Besides offering his book, Mike offers tons of free stuff for people trying to lead and coach within their organization.