Free Resources

As part of Total Improvement Solution’s mission I will provide various forms, training and other stuff for you to use free of charge. Please let me know what you think about these free resources by dropping me a message.

Poke Yoke Form This Excel form can be used to capture and share Error ProofingAi??Improvements your teams create. For examples, I highly recommend the book “Poke-Yoke Improving Product Quality By Preventing Defects” (AKA “The Red Book”) Copyright 1988 by Productivity Press or for a more in-depth look at Poke Yoke Shigeo Shingo’s Zero Quality Control.

VSM Worksheets (11×17)Ai??This worksheet is best printed 11×17. It offers the standard Value Stream Mapping Icons around the perimeter. Get yourself an 11×17 clipboard or cut a box to size and head your group to the gemba!