Copy Toyota Production System?

Copy ToyotaToyota has shown the world a powerful way of thinking that can improve any organization in any industry; however, as a photocopier can demonstrate, every time you make a copy of a copy you lose resolution, clarity and focus. In the end, you cannot even identify the message you were trying to convey. It is simply lost!

It is imperative as lean leaders we remember the lessons of our sensei Shingo and Ohno along withAi??their more recent contemporaries (Womack, Jones, Shook, Mann, to name a very few), but we must be mindful about not simply trying to copy TPS. So many companies have tried…So many companies have failed. Rather, weAi??need to use the skills that have been developed through the decades and understand the “why” behind those skills to create original masterpieces within our own organization. Original systems that stands out in full resolution and don’t fade with time.


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