About Total Improvement Solutions

teachingIn 2003 I took my first steps on my lean journey. What a wild journey it has been.

I was fortunate early in my journey to be mentored in an organization that had a structured Lean Enterprise. Like most companies in mid 2000’s it focused primarily on the tools but it gave me the foundation to go out and experiment and learn beyond what I was taught. It gave me the foundation for my own personal continuous improvement.

Total Improvement Solutions is a way for me to continue the learning journey by teaching and sharing topics revolving around Lean, 6 Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Leadership, Quality, Culture and Personal Productivity.

  • For its inaugural year – 2016 – my goal is to provide a regular weekly post that will focus on one of the key topics above. Additionally, I will share thoughts and reviews on books I am reading or listening to and podcasts of note that I have heard.
  • Having been in the improvement space for 11 years I have accumulated, modified and created a lot of resources that I will to get onto this website. My goal is to add a new resource each month. These resources will be free to download, use & share. These resources may be forms, training, or some other item to help you on your improvement journey.
  • I have learned a lot from others. I plan on sharing various links to people and resources that I have found helpful in my improvement journey. Please be assured that Total-Improvements.com is totally self funded and gets no commissions or referral fees. These are simply resources and links that I have found incredibly helpful. They will be a mix of thinkers, products, and services.

I wish you well on your Improvement Journey!


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